Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"The gods were bored; therefore they created human beings."

I have attended six public lectures on the subject " The Universe of Soren Kierkegaard" His thoughts moved me so much. The lectures took place at the University of Aarhus in the Lecture Hall. Here are some pictures. The painting is called "Anastasis"and is created by Per Kirkeby. It is 500 square metres,
However ! What has all this to do with knitting?
Well, Soren´s father was a salesman and created a very large fortune by selling socks knitted by poor people living on the moors of Jutland. After his father´s death, Kierkegaard didn´t have to work but he could concentrate on writing. He wrote thousand of pages in only four to five years.
And why the last picture: Air condition. Under each seat in the lecture hall is a small fan and a cold breeze is continuously blowing under my skirts. I was so lucky I could wrap me up in my Clap.

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