Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flared World-Wide

I recently finished this pleated skirt. The pattern is  free  from Ravelry. It was a stash reducing and experimental project, however it was a success. The yarn is Dansk Pelsuld 8/2 . There are only a few Danish Spinning Mills left. This one, Hjelholt Spinnery, collects wool from farmers who breed Gotlandsheep spins and dye the wool. The sheep are naturally grey and the colors are gorgeous. Why I several years ago chose this dark gray is a mystery for me today, however the 237 grams are now transformed into this flared pleated skirt. I made no mods except for the hem.

 I did this: after picking up stitches from the provisional cast on, I doubled the number of stitches (kfb)and worked 6 rows of double knitting.(k1, sl1pw),Worked a row of 2 stitches together. Turned and doubled the stitch count again (kfb). Turned and worked 6 rows of double knitting and bound off.
 In that way I could use a thin round elastic band. Pulled it through the first hem, made a loop and pulled it back through the second. The button is sewed on to secure the ends of the elastic band.

The skirt is called Bulgarian and it is originally written in Japanese and so fun to wear. The knitting of it made me think of this small Danish film called "Maskens mester", about knitting in Peru. If you have 10 minutes left please link to a wonderful video. Enjoy !


  1. Den var snygg! Men hur sjutton gjorde du för att läsa mönstret? Kan du japanska?

    1. Hej Elin. Desværre kan jeg ikke japansk men opskriften er oversat til engelsk på denne side. God sommer

  2. Dear Mette, I enjoyed that video so much, I had to link it to our Augsburg strickt-group!Of course understanding what was said was a bit of a challenge, but the messages works without words as well!Thanks a lot!

  3. The skirt is fabulous! I will be interested to hear how it holds up. I enjoyed the video, although my Spanish is limited. (And Danish non-existent!) Thanks for sharing it.


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